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Online tournaments

Best online freestyle football championships in the world

Our site hosts the most prestigious ONLINE freestyle football competitions in the WORLD!
The best freestylers of the planet annually compete in online tournaments.
For winning, they receive a cups, and also put their name in the history of freestyle football.

PACT (lowers)

Professional Air Combos Tournament

YearWINNER2nd place3rd place
PACT2009 German Trofimov Anyone
PACT22010 MP Anyone SerG
PACT32011 MP ARS Dre
PACT42012 ARS Anyone HrooM
PACT52013 ARS MP Pavlov
PACT62014 ARS Alekseev MP
PACT72015 Timur Alekseev Luca ARS
PACT82016 Timur Alekseev Luca
PACT92017 Luca DANY Mirko
PACT102018 Luca SALEM Kondzio
PACT112019 Luca Newnk Oliver
PACT122020 Timur Alekseev Luca Calvin Carruthers
PACT132021 Calvin Carruthers Joran Engelen Stasyan
PACT142022 Ilari Oliver Ethan
PACT152023 Ethan Matéo Jairo

WPSC (sitting)

World Professional Sitting Cup

YearWINNER2nd place3rd place
WPSC2009 Nazim
WPSC22010 Nazim Baruzdin
WPSC32011 Nazim Den Baruzdin
WPSC42012 Baruzdin Bulat Ravil
WPSC52013 Baruzdin Andr Ravil
WPSC62014 Ravil Baruzdin Den
WPSC72015 Andr Baruzdin ARSHIN
WPSC82016 Baruzdin Yiannos Richard Godina
WPSC92017 Baruzdin ARSHIN Michalix
WPSC102018 Baruzdin Richard Godina Pasha FF
WPSC112019 F3lix Yiannos Richard Godina
WPSC122020 CHERNY Pasha FF Yiannos
WPSC132021 Pasha FF MIGUEL Marki
WPSC142022 Gabriel Parke Pasha FF MIGUEL
WPSC152023 Pasha FF Vedant David

WPUC (uppers)

World Professional Uppers Cup

YearWINNER2nd place3rd place
WPUC2009 We1rd 2rla
WPUC22010 2rla Baruzdin
WPUC32011 Bengau 2rla
WPUC42012 Baruzdin EgorFF NoTouch
WPUC52013 Bengau Sklyarov DenMaslov
WPUC62014 Bengau 2rla Molodoy
WPUC72015 Sklyarov vitfs Molodoy
WPUC82016 Bengau Nurs
WPUC92017 Artem Abdullah Emad Jakub Krawczyk
WPUC102018 Bengau Abdullah Emad Angel
WPUC112019 vlad3kff Nurs CESS4
WPUC122020 vlad3kff CESS4
WPUC132021 CESS4 Rus-L Valera
WPUC142022 CESS4 Tarasov Abdullah Emad
WPUC152023 CESS4 Tarasov Rus-L

PIFL (allround)

Professional Internet Freestyle League

YearWINNER2nd place3rd place
PIFL2009 Zhura Serginho Troll
PIFL22010 Zhura Baruzdin German
PIFL32011 Mc^pro ToJl9lH4uk Baruzdin MP
PIFL42012 Mc^pro ToJl9lH4uk PavlinoFF Baruzdin
PIFL52013 PavlinoFF Kostya Bulat
PIFL62014 Alekseev KVP Roma
PIFL72015 KVP Ray Ilya Boytsov
PIFL82016 KVP Dav
PIFL92017 Uasya Nurs Pasha
PIFL102018 Nurs ARSHIN Ray

IACT (lowers)

Intermediate Air Combos Tournament

YearWINNER2nd place3rd place
IACT20162016 Mate Hajagos Jesse Cory Black
IACT20172017 Sander Adrian Ornelas Monrep
IACT20182018 Calvin Carruthers Adrian Ornelas Nurs
IACT20192019 Stasyan Iliyan MAXIMASI
IACT20212021 Go Robert Daro BattlStorm
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