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Freestyle Football

We do tricks with the ball

Latest News

WPUC12 started!

Registration for the World Professional Uppers Cup 12 is open. WPUC12 is the most prestigious online UPPERS freestyle tournament in the world. Every y...[Read More]

PACT11, IACT2019 – results of the main LOWERS tournaments in 2019

Results of Professional Air Combos Tournament 11 Champion: Luca 2nd place: Nico 3rd place: Oliver   Champion: Luca 2nd place: Nico 3rd place: Oli...[Read More]

WPSC11 – results of the main SITTING tournament in 2019

Results of World Professional Sitting Cup 11 Champion: F3lix 2nd place: Yiannos 3rd place: Richard Godina Champion: F3lix 2nd place: Yiannos 3rd place...[Read More]


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