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Learn Sitting League

League for progress in Sitting Freestyle Football


I’m launching the ABSOLUTELY NEW FORMAT of the tournament – “Learn Sitting League”!

✔ The League is created for high-quality and rapid growth of your level.
I really hope that my advices will help you save weeks, months, or even years of trainings.
✔ There WILL be no LOSERS in the League, because there will be no qualification round and relegation battles.
✔ Freestyler of ANY LEVEL can take part.
✔ You can join the League at ANY TIME.
✔ There will be a rating of freestylers.
All start with the value 500. The rating can decrease or increase.
To improve your rating you will need to progress.

💲 Participation in the League – 5 dollars a month.

What is included in the price:
➕ Participation in the learning League “Learn Sitting League”.
➕ Exclusive training videos and articles.
➕ Analysis of mistakes of other freestylers when performing tricks and combos (VIDEO examples).
➕ Motivation (I will publish the best sitting videos).
➕ Answers to your questions about sitting.

✅ I will help BEGINNERS learn the theory of tricks and combinations. I will tell you what is better to train at the very beginning. I will answer any questions that arise.
✅ For THOSE WHO ALREADY HAVE A CERTAIN LEVEL, I will offer different options for what you can train (based on your level). I will show you the mistakes that should not be made when performing tricks and combinations. I will help you study by answering your questions.
✅ EXPERIENCED FREESTYLERS will learn the intricacies of learning complex tricks and combos. I will try to show interesting directions in sitting that can be developed. I’ll help you accelerate your progress.

If you plan to participate, write about it in the comments.

Baruzdin Zhenya.



  1. If you plan to participate, write about it in the comments.

  2. Seems interesting


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