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Sitting records

Official freestyle football records in the discipline sitting

To watch the VIDEO with the record, click on the name of the trick.

To get to the list you must be the first in the world to set a record.

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Latest update:

2019-08-24 13:56:58
TrickWorld recordFreestyler
x-over nt180Nikita
crossover (right to left)163Manuel Ugalde
knee x-over nt5Baruzdin
knee crossover19Baruzdin
knee reverse crossover9Baruzdin
knee crossover (right to left)9Baruzdin
knee reverse crossover (right to left)4Baruzdin
knee catch (right to left)17Baruzdin
knee catch (right to left) laying7BRUVIL
dimetto move366аc9ln
reverse dimetto move126ac9ln
dimetto move (right to left)6Baruzdin
reverse dimetto move (right to left)4Baruzdin
sole dimetto move3Baruzdin
shin atw in5Baruzdin
shin atw out11Kenneth
shin atw laying4Baruzdin
side shin atw out6Baruzdin
reverse side shin atw in5Baruzdin
shin hatw out21Kenneth
shin htw20Yiannos
reverse BATS2Baruzdin
shin atw in laying5Kenneth
shin htw laying6Baruzdin
shin juggling1180Baruzdin
sole juggling2837Rafinha
calf juggling108Kunal
knee juggling110Baruzdin
pixy rene move5Richard Godina

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