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WPSC11 – 1/8 finals battles!

WPSC11 – 1/8 finals battles!

Decide battles 1/8 finals of the tournament World Professional Sitting Cup 11.

1/8 finals:

Javi feriavsДен
Richard GodinavsAlexey


Read more information about the 1/8 finals of WPSC11


  1. THIS IS SO RIDICOLOUS! ?? Szabados was better than Arshin , Den or Pasha but, the Russian line again winner ??? more creativity, more harder , more control ! How many people doing the same? NO PROBLEM,JUST COPYSTYLERS ! anyway why in the page countdown?)

  2. This tells everything about the wpsc level? Pasha doing almost one minute one clip with same trick,soooo boring!
    Everyone decides what I wrote, real or not for you, because the tournament have some genius and creativity styler ! (Yiannos, Godina etc..)

  3. Corrupt, Unpretending,Boring,Copy = WPSC
    Respect for unique freestylers as i said before!

  4. I watched the video, and your main mistake is that you think that this is a sitting. And in fact, there are a lot of rolls, transitions to other disciplines. There are very few tricks from the sitting itself; I have repeatedly spoken about this in my instagram. Those lips in sitings are not sitings, they are Uppers.

  5. Okay bro you are very smart:)
    1. You always qualify here, but i am curious if you knocked out, after what is ypur opinion
    2. Pasha was boring and repeated same trick almost one minute
    3. You repeated same stalls and dimettos like wpsc10, ergo you dont make any progression
    4. This is tournament not style check if you harder than opponent you win i thin like Pact
    5.Adam doing not uppers , just you saw upper, Adam make real content with creativity

  6. I understand you but some of the tricks are easy, if we talk about difficulty and continue after difficulty & creativity (ravil, baruzdin, yiannos etc …)

    I think that if you copy any thins whit your difficulty and creativity it’s perfect for example ats, knee cross = half knee cross, or rolls shins soles laying then you have something new and you can do it with this (v-sall, nao, zhuras, bats, calfs ravil move, rbats, shins+ halfs or ats etc) + your stuff then you have difficulty, creativity and level.

    as krog with 3 clips step to pact

    arshin in his wpsc 10 Q showed an incredible level, bro your mind in freestyle is limited hmm is your second wpsc? you should know that they qualify

    all around

  7. The only thing I have to ask is what does Mateusz rate?
    I hope this does not affect me ahaha :(.
    Why qualify “Dark” in third place and send me to place 15?
    he did not do much shin, he did not do basic combos, he made pure stalls
    I would like to know what qualifies, to make it right in this top 16

  8. Do basics still matter or should we just start naming it World Professional Soles Cup at this point?

  9. Paco, this is exactly what I mean haha
    Doesn’t make any sense whatsoever

    ‘Variety’ seems to count only if you’re doing the same stuff as the top16 dudes at superball do lol

  10. I have always believed that the tournament is to contribute something to the freestyle world. Creativity, difficulty and all round should be the slogans of the championship, stalls, shins, basics, etc. always matter. Many always do the same thing every tournament but still have a decent level for the tournament and that for me is fine but must give rise to someone who strives to get new tricks, transitions and stalls. The freestyler lives from creativity, or so it should be. There will always be problems in all the tournaments; the only thing left is to show the talent in their videos.


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